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4ZZZ Mission Statement
“For 4ZZZ to be an influential player in increasing awareness of

the concerns of marginalised communities, their issues and music”

buuuuut how do we pay the Bills ? …

The costs of running a radio station are immense.

All our fundraising is done independently and the major sources of income for the station are subscriptions, promotions, and 4ZZZ events

Our subscribers are what keeps us afloat.

In these times of media consolidation they understand the only way to have an independent, accessible and democratic media is for the people to own the media themselves.

Find out how to become a subscriber here


The station’s motto is Agitate, Educate, Organize.

At 4ZZZ we challenge the status quo by providing radio access for community members and issues not often represented in the mainstream media.

We support local bands, artists and initiatives, and independent news and current affairs while training and empowering our volunteers.

The involvement of subscribers in the station is vital. Send ideas and feedback to our info@4zzz.org.au email.

4ZzZ Back in the Day

4ZzZ Back in the Day


Throughout our history, 4ZZZ has been renowned for supporting local music and artists, putting on great events, presenting news and opinions not found in mainstream media and providing support to our local community.

When tuning into 102.1fm, you will hear a vast number of musical genres including rock, hip hop, indie, dancehall, punk, dub, reggae, noise, electronica, ska and drum & bass.

4ZZZ is unique as we don’t use playlists to control what music hits the airwaves!

When announcing station volunteers select all of the music you hear.

Announcers’ are however required to meet certain quotas to ensure adequate representation is given to local, new and Australian music and music with female content.

Most of the music played on 4ZZZ comes from our huge music library which is constantly expanding with new music (predominantly local and Australian) being added every week.

Everyday our subscribers are given the chance to win great prizes, another way we give back to our community.

Check out our program guide or simply tune in to 102.1fm to find out why there’s no other station like this in all the world.


The Programming structure of 4ZZZ can be divided two ways; “strip” and “block” shows.

Strip shifts cater for a wide variety of musical tastes and interests. You will hear strip shifts mainly between 6am & 6 pm weekdays and at various times during the weekend.

Block shifts represent one particular musical genre or interest group.

The block programs 4ZZZ features include: The Anarchy Show, Jazz Show, Locked In – Prisoners’ Show, Nothing But TheBlues, Rock ‘n Roll Show, The Punk Show, Eco Radio, Queer Radio, Dykes on Mikes, SkaTrek, Film Club, New Zealand Show, Aussie Live & Local, The Youth Show, Dark Essence (Dark wave), Subterranea (Garage Rock), The Yard, Indigi-Briz plus many more!

 4ZZZ Text Requests!
The 4ZZZ SMS REQUEST LINE is 0420 626 733.

So save the number to your phone and text us any time to request a song!
Only current 4ZZZ Subscribers can make requests and our zedbot will know if you are current or not. Also remember that not all shows will accept requests. No free steak knives but lots of warm fuzzy feelings for our subscribers!

 Email Requests!
To make a request via email do so during business hours toreception@4zzz.org.au
Monday to Friday: 10 am to 4pm
Saturday: 12 noon to 3 pm

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